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Monster Roadtrip - Lone Werewolf

(song will be switched out every two weeks!)

My name is Bee, and I am an illustrator and designer with a huge love for the early internet. I plan to use this site as a way to express myself, share my art, and talk about my interests in a way that modern social media sites simply do not allow.

This site is going to be updated at random intervals, whenever I feel like it, for as long as I feel like it. Feel free to stop by whenever you feel like doing so, seeing what I've been up to, and maybe checking into my guest book!

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This website will be messy as I learn how to use HTML more effectively. I have some experience, but very little (hence the current state of this site being a very rudementary edit of sadgrl online's layout maker), but I hope to slowly turn this website into something truly unique.

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